Relevant technical and geographical experience.

Well Experienced in technical and social programmes. Academic Education, Formal School Education, Socio Economic Surveys, Relief and Rehabilitation and Implementing of Social forestry, health Programmes, agriculture development and animal husbandry and skills development.

    1. Pulicat – Brackish water Coastal area- Fisherfolk and Schedule castes
    2. Muttukadu – Urbanization –mixed people parallel to IT corridor.
    3. Yercaud - Hills region – Schedule tribes’ , deforestation, tourism area.

Our Projects

CRëNIEO - Projects

Since inception CReNIEO has undertaken a number of action oriented research projects and has conducted several evaluations.


    SAARC Study on Technology Transfer: The study makes an attempt to identify the prospects of technology transfer and the feasibility of regional economic cooperation in general, among the SAARC countries.


    Maternity and Child Health Education :Collected base line information regarding the awareness of mothers on maternity and child health care.


    A Health Project in Urban areas: To asses the motivation of slum dwellers in the city of Chennai for health, factors influencing the access of health care and to examine the impact of the present family welfare measures of the Corporation of Chennai.


    A socio economic study of tribals and harijans in Koraput District.  This formed the basis for the development intervention of the IRDWSI project, Koraput. (1979)


    Rehabilitation of Sri Lankan Repatriates. (1980)


    A survey of the rights and responsibilities of Indian women (1983).


    Ecological and Economic Analysis of Bio Diversity Loss in Pulicat Lake (1985)


    Ecological and Fishery Changes Consequent on a hurricane on Pulicat Lake (1985)


    A study of the fisherfolk.  This formed the basis for CReNIEO's Integrated Fisherfolk Development Programme (1987)


    A study of attitudes and preferences of mothers towards family planning.  This study was undertaken at the instance of the World Bank. (1988)


    A Base line Survey of targeted maternal and child health education.  The study was assigned by the Catholic Relief Service to CReNIEO. (1989)


    A participatory Survey of the drought situation in Orissa. The study was the basis for the formation a network called the Orissa Drought Action Forum .


    An evaluation of the health scheme of the IRDWSI, Koraput .  (1989)


    A Base line study of the tribals (Periya malayalis) at Servarayan Hills, Yercaud.   (1990)


    A study of the impact of the programmes of IRDWSI, Koraput, Orissa. (1991)


    Occupational rehabilitation of settlers at Kodungaiyur, a Tamil Nadu Slum clearance, Board colony.  (1993)


    Impact studies on Project intervention in  Tamil Nadu, Yercaud Hills (1996).


    Impact Studies on Project Interventions in Pulicat (1996).


    People’s participatory process ‑ an introductory survey in Minjur. This survey is sponsored by an NGO network called South Central India Network for Development Alternatives 1995


    Ecological Crisis on the Pulicat Lake (1999)


    Trunelveli - A district Resources Profile


    Orissa Tribal Issues - Documentation 2001.


    Assessing the Role of Panchayat members during disasters and their level of preparedness – Orissa. (Oriya)


    Assessing the availability of jobs for educated tribals in Orissa and the status of job opportunities for tribals.(Oriya)


    Micro level land use pattern study in Orissa villages to develop models for-sustainable agriculture.


    Impact assessment survey of Project affected persons and common property resources due to Tamil Nadu Road sector project. TNRSP-01


    Impact Assessment of Road widening under CMDA project in Minjur region.


    Interactive, Structured, Multi-modal Clinical Guidelines to Improve Quality of Care by Rural Healthcare Providers in India.


    A Study of Informal Private Providers in District Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and District Tehri Garhwal in Uttarakhand, India.

Partnership with Tamil Nadu State Government

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Projects of Central Government

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Rural Development Projects of CReNIEO:

    • Integrated Fisherfolk Development Project (IFDP) Pulicat. Established in 1984 Covering 25 Villages.
    • Servarayan Hills Tribal Community Development Project – Yercaud. Est.: 1989- , 40 villages.

Types of Programmes and Activities conducted in the above mentioned projects.

Employment and Livelihood:

Skills development Training and livelihood assistance:

    • Driving training
    • Outboard Motor repair
    • Welding training.
    • Tailoring training
    • Book Binding.
    • House wiring, radio TV. Repairs.
    • Computer Operators course.
    • Radio TV mechanics .
    • Mat making
    • Fish pickle making.

Social Infrastructure Development:

    • Formation and training of women Self Help Groups.
    • Loans and grants from banks for SHGs for development of micro enterprise.
    • Training of muti- purpose health workers in the villages.
    • Nutrition programmes.
    • Health Programmes ,mobile clinics in remote areas.
    • Children’s’ nutrition.
    • Training Village leaders.
    • Village wells-new and repairs.
    • De-silting of ponds.
    • Village health clinics.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:

    • Soil Testing
    • Veterinary care
    • Fodder development.
    • Artificial insemination –to improve genetic constituency of local breeds.
    • Herbal gardens.
    • Propagation of mangroves.
    • Farmers training.
    • Village poultry units.
    • Mushroom Farming for women
    • Animal Husbandry.
    • Vegetable cultivation for marginal farmers
    • Aromatic plants cultivation .on home stead lands.
    • Horticulture and Floriculture

Climate and Environment:

    • Conducted study on drought in Orissa in 1989.
    • Environmental education for schools from 1993.
    • Climate change education for adults
    • Mangrove plantations.
    • M. Phil projects on environment.

Relief, rehabilitation and Resettlement

Cyclone Relief:

    • Cyclone relief 1984 Pulicat.

Tsunami Relief:

    • Tsunami Relief- at Pulicat – Emergency relief 6150 families.-2004-2005

Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project - Resettlement and Rehabilitation:

    • Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project- Tiruvannnamalai,
    • Survey of the affected people and assets.
    • Rehabilitation of Projects affected persons , Payment of entitlements for loss Houses/shops/income generation assets/shifting and subsistence allowances
    • Joint verification with highways and Revenue in the corridor of Impact Consultancy services.
    • Private negotiations for land acquisitions.

D. Tamil Nadu Urban development Project:

    • Tamil Nadu Highways, Road widening Minjur,
    • Survey of the affected people and assets.
    • Rehabilitation of Projects affected persons , Payment of entitlements for loss Houses/shops/income generation assets/shifting and subsistence allowances
    • Joint verification with highways and Revenue in the corridor of Impact Consultancy services.

No. Of Evaluation /Research Studies Conducted

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi : Socio-Economic Studies – 5
Other Commissioned research- 10 - Socio Economic study, Health, drought, development impact studies

Name of Government Agencies Projects implemented.

    1. Dept of Science and technology Government of India – 25 projects.
    2. Dept. of Bio Technology Government of India – 1 project.
    3. Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment Government of India – 5 study
    4. India Council For Historical Research: Government of India 1 study.
    5. Tamil Nadu Corporation for women development Ltd. Government of
      Tamil Nadu– 300 SHG development
    6. Tamil Nadu Highways- Road Sector project Government of Tamil Nadu–
      Rehabilitation Package for 5000 project affected households.
    7. Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project.