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The Centre for Research on New International Economic Order (CReNIEO) is committed to the total development of the socially and economically weaker sections of the Indian Society -with focus on women and children of the Fisherfolk, Dalit and Tribal communities. CReNIEO’s development plans include promoting better health, formal education, skills for natural resource management and entrepreneurial skills for economic self-reliance and at the same time ensuring permanence of social change by capacity building and motivating the poor for upholding their rights in the society. Community action for social change is the key tool in the armory of development methodology. Gender equity and Environmental care is the umbrella for sustained development of people around the lakes as well as in the forests who are the target groups of CReNIEO’s schemes of development.

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Center for Research On New International Economic Order (CReNIEO)
No.104, B Block, Prince Garden, No.40, Thambuswamy Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600 010, India.

Tel:- 044 – 42601661

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